Let’s count: More fun with pears – Numers 1-10

🍐Join me in exploring the Pear Numbers 1-10 Printable Activity, an engaging and educational experience for toddlers.🍐 Designed with love, it’s the perfect blend of learning and play that helps your child master numbers through interactive puzzles. Grab this eco-friendly and reusable resource today!🍐

Unlock the Secret of Fall Fun with my Pear Alphabet Puzzle: Your Child’s Gateway to a World of ABC Magic!

🍐 Discover the story behind the Pear Alphabet Matching Puzzle, a Printable Fall Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers. 🍐Here I share the inspiration, design process, and joy of creating this interactive learning tool. Perfect for Montessori and children with autism, this pear-themed adventure makes learning the ABCs a joyful experience. Join the fun today!

A Birthday Wish Comes True: Learning with Laughter, Cake, and Candles

🎂 Dive into the personal story of the creator of the “Happy Birthday Counting Activity,”🎂 a delightful blend of birthday cake design, candle matching games, and Montessori methods. Perfect for toddlers, it offers an engaging way to celebrate a B-day while learning to count. Experience the joy of turning learning into an exciting adventure with this ready-to-print game! Make birthdays unforgettable with endless laughter and learning.

From a Classic Tale to Colorful Learning: The Very Hungry Caterpillar teaches Colors & Numbers

🐛 Dive into colorful learning with The Very Hungry Caterpillar Counting Activity! With 5 printable A4-sized files and a unique caterpillar 🐛character, this game brings counting and color recognition alive for young learners. Whether for homeschooling, classroom use, or delightful family time, this tool transforms learning into a joyful adventure. Join the Very Hungry Caterpillar and make early education a colorful playtime!

Incredible Insects: Turning Counting into an Adventure with Bugs Counting Activity

🐞 Embark on an educational adventure with our Bugs Counting Activity. 🐝 These Insects Printable Counting Cards offer 84 unique, high-resolution cards that make learning to count a fun exploration of the insect world. The file is ready for printing upon download, ensuring your preschooler’s early math lessons are fun and engaging.

Engage & Learn: Explore 'Food Games | I have - who has,' an enchanting ESL toddler game in Montessori mode! Expand vocabulary with delightful food-related words. Perfect for moms, teachers & homeschoolers. Get it now on Etsy!

Food games – I have who has

🌟 Are you ready to step into a world where language learning becomes a thrilling adventure for your little ones? 🌟 🚀 Start your language journey at the 1st Level, where your little one will savor basic food vocabulary in English. From pizza to bacon and everything in between, each word is a stepping stone towards building a strong language foundation.

Magical Math Fun: Halloween Printable Counting Cards for Toddlers

🎃 Discover the magic of learning with our Halloween Printable Counting Cards for Toddlers.🦇 Infuse fun into counting and make it a delightful family activity this Halloween. The package includes 60 unique, high-resolution cards ready for printing upon download.